Environmental Policy

We’re committed to sustainable tourism and want to make being green as easy as possible for you while you stay with us.

Situated within the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Westley Farm comprises 70 acres of mixed pasture and woodland environments. Julian converted the cowsheds and barns on this 200 year old farm himself using local traditional crafts and materials wherever possible. We continue to use local tradesmen, suppliers and craftsmen in the everyday running of both farm and holiday cottage businesses. We have installed solar water heating in the farmhouse for keeping up with all the summer linen washing. Thankfully the winter load is relatively small by comparison. As part of our efforts to reduce the impact of the business on the environment, we also offer full recycling facilities to our guests.

Here’s what we’re doing to reduce our carbon footprint and make our business as green as we can:

• We encourage our guests to participate in sustainable practices such as;
Recycling; every cottage has it’s own recycling and composting bins. We separate all your recycling for you (we even recycle batteries and light bulbs) and compost your vegetable waste for our garden
Buying local produce; We are lucky to have the nations best Farmer’s Market in Stroud every Saturday and we make sure our guests know about it. Every cottage also has details of local places to eat and local food producers. We supply organic milk from our friends’ farm only 2 miles away, offer fruit, veg and eggs from the farm and give guests home made cake every week made with local seasonal ingredients. The tea, coffee and sugar we supply are all fair trade products. We promote local smaller places to visit and attractions on our FaceBook page and website.
Minimising car use; we offer to take guests to/from local train stations. Every cottage has details of local walks. We have local maps available.
Cleaning products; we use bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, citric acid and soda crystals for our weekly cleaning and buy environmentally friendly cleaning products such as Ecover and Faith in Nature for the cottage guests, in bulk from The Green Shop, Bisley.
• We use local craftsmen and services. Our plumber, electrician, cleaning & gardening team all live locally and are either independent or work as part of a small company employing less than 10 people.
• We monitor energy and water use regularly throughout the year and try to reduce the amount we use without compromising guest satisfaction or comfort
• We always try to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE
• Much of the farm is under Higher Level Stewardship which means we encourage wildlife and protect and enhance habitats for rare and endangered species on our land